Academic ELearning Solutions

In relation to your Elearning projects, we offer you the following services based on years of working with online education initiatives for academic institutions. We recognize that the focus here is on high student retention and low faculty turnover so that you institution can enjoy quality education and high revenues:

  • Initial Assessment Meeting and Team Design

    Our Project Manager meets with your academic institution to discuss the Elearning need(s). We also work with you about the communication flow of all those who will be involved in this project. For us, communication is the key to project success and this must start from the very beginning – one way of doing this is to clearly understand who all will be involved in the project from both sides. The team should consist of all personnel involved in the actual Elearning roll out including your technology staff (if you have one or we can provide this for you), marketing, finance, admissions, registration, financial aid along with other department managers. Because you want your Elearning experience to be one that cuts through technology with the human touch - we also work with those involved in the quality/human-touch aspect of the project.

  • Proposal and Project Flow

    After our initial meeting, we will prepare a detailed proposal along with project flow. We ask you to review this and if necessary, provide an online meeting for questions, clarifications, etc. Upon agreement from both sides, the contract/proposal is signed and project start date set.

  • Customization of Services to your Needs

    Based on the proposal, we will customize our services to perfectly fit your needs. We go beyond the call of duty to endorse our work with excellence. For this reason, we do not sell ‘packaged good and services’ since each customer is unique. We value each and totally focus on this uniqueness.

  • Marriage of Technology and Human Touch

    Throughout these years in online education, we saw technology become eclipsed by the personal touch diffused through the computer both locally and globally. This happened as a result of a determination to mirror the traditional classroom/seminars by at least 95% in cyberspace. The secret to this level of success is knowing how to properly balance the human and machine factors involved in going Elearning. We work with all members of your team to ensure that both technology and human factors are in order and properly synchronized.

  • Pre-Implementation Evaluation

    A thorough evaluation is done at the pre-implementation level to ensure that all areas have been properly covered to ensure a smooth implementation process. The Project Manager and Serenity Projects do most of this evaluation.

  • Implementation Evaluation

    A thorough evaluation is done during the implementation level to ensure that all areas are functioning properly and as planned. The students do most of this evaluation.

  • Post-Implementation Evaluation

    A thorough evaluation is done at the post-implementation level to assess the strong and if any weak areas that need to be addressed about the training for future purposes. The Project Manager and Serenity Projects do most of this evaluation.