Elearning Solutions

At a time when the world is becoming smaller through melting lines caused by metamorphic changes in technology, education is also capitalizing on this opportunity. Through quality ELearning tools, training at both the corporate and academic levels are reaching learners globally.

We work with both academic and corporate organizations to create a detailed A-Z ELearning process – a process that helps you through all implementation phases of your ELearning project.

We have brought together learners into one cyberspace classroom from over 43 countries located in Asia Pacific, EMEA (Europe. Middle East & Africa) and The Americas. We have researched and found solutions to the many hurdles associated with the attempt to synchronize learning in a very diverse world where culture, religion, government, business and so forth differ yet are similar in so many ways. We saw global corporations enjoy consistent training despite time and geography. And finally, we saw the results and listened to the endless reports of successful online training efforts.

Some of us have experienced online academic classes with as many as 45 students who represented some 19 countries. We saw the fire fighter log in from the top of his truck and army-based personnel answer discussions from their base in Japan. We enjoyed being there for the mother in hospital as she gave birth to her child and still was able to log in and submit assignments. Each online experience remains valuable.

The following are only some of the needs relating to Elearning today in both the worlds of corporation and academia:

  • What does a company do should it decide that it is beneficial for all of its employees to receive the same type of education program, despite geography?
  • What does the traveling professional do in order to pursue his degree or employee development?
  • What about global employees who want to enjoy learning together?
  • What does a student or employee with an ill family member, that limits him to the home, do?
  • What about a mother with young kids who cannot leave the home but who is willing to work through the night to get her degree and/or job training?
  • What about the handicapped and other disabled groups?
  • What about our fire fighters and army personnel who long for an academic degree or continued job training but whose job hours and location may not accommodate the traditional campus/seminar learning?
  • What about international students who want a US degree but cannot relocate?
  • What about multinational employees who cannot get to the head office to enjoy employee training and development?

Whether you are trying to meet the needs of your internal and/or external customers, please know that we are here to help you.