Serenity Projects University (SPU)

Your team at Serenity recognizes that as you progress, change occurs. This change has an impact on your organization at all levels. Training and Development must rise to the challenge to change if it is to be effective in the short and long-term.

Serenity Projects University (SPU) is the 21st century Marketplace Training Initiative delivering real solutions to organizations worldwide.

With a learning process constructed with quality and customization, SPU serves to provide the individual, group, and organizational development solutions you’ve been looking for.

  • SPU solutions are customized to your need for accessibility and convenience.

Serenity recognizes that if HRD solutions are to be effective, training and linked components must be accessible. Understanding that your organization may face a diversity of employee locations, time zones, work schedules and availability for training and development, SPU is poised to meet your accessibility needs, offering training solutions delivered in your facilities, at a convenient venue, or all Online.

We are also prepared to offer a hybrid solution blending traditional and online venues to meet your needs. The idea is that if training and development is to be effective, every member of your organization's training program must have access to it.

  • SPU solutions are customized to your need for improvement and effectiveness.

With a customized and collaborative approach to HRD solutions, our customers enjoy training that is truly aligned to their needs and performance outcomes. It is about meeting your organization right where you are and reaching where you want to go by systematically meeting your individual, group, and organizational training and development needs.

The goal is effectiveness. The solution is Serenity Projects University.

To learn more about your customized Serenity HRD solution, please . Dr. Dan and her team of professionals and scholars look forward to working with you in the area of HRD Consulting.